What do you do Titan-wise with your Chaos Army now that GW has more or less discontinued their range and keeps sitting on the privilege to design models for their range? Make up your own of course!

I’ve been trying to buy titan parts via ebay and was amazed at how much people are willing to spend on a single titan weapon. I think the cheapest I saw went for 8 quid (that’s excluding p&p to Germany), so I went for the scrapbuilding option.
This is going to be a Tzeentch Chaos Titan: customised carapace and right weapon, plus Chaos tail that will be better visible in the next post. Note the smashed up battlewagon it just stepped over. Dunno yet what i’m going to do concerning the head… I guess a 25mm 40K Tzeentch Demon Head would be best, but I have no 25mm models at all. If anybody has such parts in their bit box, let me know!