Project Description

To take city fights to another level (pun-intended) I built raised roads. The urban parts of the game Fallout (3) are full of those and I always felt they added suspense to city fights: The ever-present danger of being sniped at from above or, preferably being in that role yourself.

Again, I based the sizes of the different models on multiples of 10cm (short – medium – long) to make the set as variable as possible.

As you can see the one-lane set is wide enough for two infantry stands or one vehicle. It’s largely meant as pedestrian crossing between blocks or over lower terrain as opposed to the raised highway with 2 lanes.
Extras are on/off-ramps, collapsed parts and the road signs.


road or hiway set consisting of
2 x 10cm  raised road/hiway
1 x 20cm raised road/hiway


Special tile:
collapsed road (short – medium – long)
road sign (narrow or wide)