Michi’s been at it again: A couple of really nice rolling hills, some with footpaths, some with cliffsides, one with an ancient stone circle. Quick styrofoam, glue and sand solution, all in one go.


As planned in a previous post, 3 inner city tiles to fill up those wide spaces with plazas, parking lots etc.


The first stage of 2 more singular models: At the top, a factory with (fuel or catshit) tanks, not yet primed. The lower one is going to be an objective scenery piece, a compound with something in it I haven’t decided on yet, maybe more tanks or a comm station or underground bunkers. We’ll see.
Found a really neat solution for fences: There is a kind of mesh sandpaper available in DIY stores for electric sanders, cut in strips it looks just as you see it on the picture. And: In the trash pile of an interior decorator I found the white – let’s call it ‘stuff’ for now – boards, textured on one side, very soft and shaveable with a modelling blade. Looks like some kind of insulation board. Perfect for shaving hills, as you will see in a future post.