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Michi's been at it again: A couple of really nice rolling hills, some with footpaths, some with cliffsides, one with an ancient stone circle. Quick styrofoam, glue and sand solution, all in one go. As planned in a previous post, 3 inner city tiles to fill up those wide spaces with plazas, parking lots etc. [...]

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Road Tiles

After having tried various materials and solutions that turned out to be simply impracticable (fiddly, wobbly, too light, etc) we were inspired by photos from various modelling homepages and developed a grid system: 10x10cm as the smallest unit, and everything larger based on this measure. This way, we also made sure that the inner city [...]

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A couple of pieces we built for assault scenarios: entrenchments, bunkers, razor wire, minefields (not shown here). Mostly made according to GW specifications from various articles (Battles). Here, an Eldar attack force tries running over entrenched Devastators. Merken

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Ork Fort #2

Made some progress on the Ork Fort: Nearly done now, only a few more orky details and flocking the bases, photos soon... Merken

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City Blocks

We felt that the buildings that came with the original boxed set were a bit on the cheap side apart from the very nice roof pieces. In order to be able to fight an inner city battle we also needed lots more buildings, most importantly of different heights. To remedy this situation we came up [...]

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Ork Fort

A couple of years back I saw a beautifully crafted Ork Fort in the Battles book (I think). Again, the concept of a modular system was applied to the kinds of structures Orks would build at home and "on tour" to protect their clan's Waaaagh machinery. The models here have been glued together out of [...]

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Tzeentch Titan Conversion

What do you do Titan-wise with your Chaos Army now that GW has more or less discontinued their range and keeps sitting on the privilege to design models for their range? Make up your own of course! I've been trying to buy titan parts via ebay and was amazed at how much people are willing [...]

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Inspired by the assault scenarios: I thought I'd use some leftover styrofoam and have a quick go at some fortifications. Here's how it happened: Stage 1: Thin board bases, shaved and sculpted styrofoam hills, foamcard walls and cardboard buttresses were glued together. The transition between base and hill looks crap in this phase, but will [...]

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